Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Slave Catcher of the Week: Black Republican Garbage Pail Kid, James T. Harris

OK, so I'm sure you expected me to do a post mid-term elections post-mortem type post, but I'm not. Shit, I've said all that I had to say and explain about the elections before the elections. I mean what am I supposed to say different about it today. We know what happened; hell, angry white guys came out on top for the 234th straight year; end of story. Yep, self-interest be damned as usual.

Let's leave all of that shit up to the talking heads and talk slave catchers, OK?

Alright, so you remember James T. Harris, right? You know, everybody's favorite black garbage pail kid right-wing enabler? OK, so you don't remember him; that's cool because I'll remind you of just who he is in a minute.

So anyway, the brother pictured above on his knees happened to captured in that position as President Barack Obama's caravan were exiting from Valios restaurant in Chicago a few days ago. Well here's what James T. Harris had to say about it in a note on Facebook:
Wow. Are there any photos of a White American praying to George W. Bush? This is the perfect symbol of what is wrong with African American culture.

It's the Culture, Stupid! And it's toxic!!!

The cult of personality mixed with Democrat Stockholm Syndrome, stirred with a healthy heap of dependency and despair, equals Barack Obama and the sycophant devotion African Americans show toward "their" president.

Notice, I did not say Americans of African descent...

The distinction is profound.
Now quite naturally the comments that followed came from white conservatives, and let's just say they weren't very nice. So now you're wondering why does this note make Harris a slave catcher, right?

Well, I'm guessing you still don't remember just who he is. I wrote about him 2yrs ago just before the presidential elections [read here]. But just in case, here's a clip of him in action back then:

Remember him now? Yeah, he got on his knees and basically groveled at the feet of John McCain, then after being called out on it by fellow black republican, talk show host, Shelley Wynter, he embarrassingly stormed off a CNN set during an interview.

Now, being black and supporting John McCain back then isn't cause for a 'slaver catcher of the week award'. However, running the black Jesus meme in ridiculing the brother in the picture above after practically doing all but inserting John McCain's penis into his mouth, qualifies as slave catcher behavior in my book.

So no, there are no pictures of a white Americans "praying to George W. Bush." And no, Barack Obama is not the Messiah and was never thought to be just that by the majority of Black Americans.

However, while Harris feels the need to pontificate on what he calls "Democrat Stockholm Syndrome". What he fails to do (as most black republicans do) is to recognize the reality that is the black experience in America today. An experience wrought with economic inequality.

For all we know, the brother in the picture above might just be unemployed as are many people of color currently in America. He might not be praying to Obama as Harris sees it, but actually making an appeal to the president (and government at large) to do something to assist the newly poor and downtrodden here in the United States of America.

Hello, black unemployment, anyone?

But of course a kneecap-licker like Harris wouldn't know anything about that as an "American of African descent." See, black people with similar political leanings, like Harris, are only concerned with pleasing and gaining acceptance from "Massa Charlie", and are content in being one of those, "See boss, I's be a good Negro, unlike them there 'other' ungrateful Negroes," as they dance the jig to the fullest.

Yep, African American culture is toxic; and self hating Negroes are a problem.


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