Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Dems Allowed the Tea Party to Rebrand the GOP

If everything holds true as pretty much every single poll suggests. Democrats are going to take significant losses in the House this midterm elections. I suspect that once it's all said and done and there will be much finger pointing on the left, while folks on the right will see this as some moral victory willed by God.

So, quite naturally, there'll be a lot of blame to go around, that is, if it hasn't started already. But the truth is, the Obama administration, and the Democratic Party, aside from the idiocy that is the right, bears some responsibility, if not all for their demise. However, it would be interesting to see just how this plays out.

With the imaginable quest for bi-partisanship that was as elusive as the unicorn. The White House lead Democrats all but failed to hold up their end of the bargain, and made compromise after compromise.

This from regular reader shadygrady on my last post:
Ladies and Gents....

The POTUS made a strategic mistake in not seizing the moment for bold action to break with what had gone previously. He had the entire free-market right wing orthodoxy on the ropes and not only did he not move in for the kill, he also inexplicably went out of his way to help his opponent off the ropes even while he was being spat upon and kidney punched. In short, the POTUS doesn't seem to have the heart for combat.

Tough talk about "punishing your enemies" or "having to know whose a$$ to kick" doesn't change the fact that 9 times out of 10 when faced with determined and insanely vitriolic opposition from the Right, the POTUS has either tried to find middle ground or folded. And whether or not it's true, insulting the intelligence or concerns of the larger American electorate is not a winning political strategy. Neither was being 100% concerned on health care while unemployment rate was consistently over 9% too smart politically.

So whatever happens tomorrow, I hope that the POTUS can learn and readjust. If not, well the next two years will be that much more interesting.
I couldn't agree more; but I suppose folks would say he's wrong.

The following commentary comes from The Real News Network's senior editor, Paul Jay. In it he sums up the frustration of many progressives and members of the "professional" and "unprofessional" left such as myself.

Take the time to view it, and do share your thoughts, will you? Do tell me, in your opinion, where exactly did things go wrong, and just how did we get here with only 2yrs removed 2008's presidential mandate?


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