Monday, January 26, 2009


If you've been a reader of my often "twisted" blogs, I'm pretty sure by now you could kinda sorta understand my thought process. Well anyway, I've had conversations with females on and offline over the years and often celibacy comes up. I think its an interesting conversation to be involved in...if you're not the one who's celibate.

Being one who questions everything, my first question is always...WHY? Of course there are various reasons for choosing to be celibate. For some its a spiritual thing, and yet for others I think the coochie is just worn the fuck out. Who knows? At any rate, I think women put that out there as a sort of marketing ploy if you ask me. Its another one of those "attention" getting conversations. Why you ask? Because sex sells. However I think it's a poor attempt at using the "reverse psychology" approach in an attempt to sell one's self.

By now I'm sure that you're old enough to realize that some people just talk just to hear themselves talk. Seriously, if someone tells me that they're practicing celibacy a red flag goes up in my head. Like I said before I'm always interested in their answers to the why question. But that's just me, I always question peoples motives. Some I can accept and some I just excuse as bullshit! Some chicks give you the spiritual reasoning for it, and after a series of follow up questions, I then figure out that they are serious about theirs. My wife was like that when we first met, and she was for real; trust me, I remember those blue balls days. But then there are others who are just talking to be talking. It's as if when they tell you that they're celibate you're supposed to automatically wanna be the one to break the streak.

Like I'm supposed to go...

"Hmmm lemme see if I can change that!"

Yup, I'm supposed to be extra motivated to get with her because she's a saint.

Get tha fuck outta here! I figure those chicks who are like that are basically a bunch of horny fucks! Yeah, truth is, they're not celibate by choice. They just ain't gettin any! OR! Ummm, nobody is interested in having sex with them. Trust me I've been there; all men go through those dry spells. And I'm sure a lot of women do too. But to save face, they say that they're celibate. That's when the voice in my head just want to scream,

"Look lady you're not celibate! Nobody wants to fuck you!!!"

To be honest, if being celibate is really your choice you should keep that shit to yourself. Kinda like the same way White people never tell you who they voted for? Its none of your business; that shit is personal. But then you have women who walk around with the "I'm celibate" bumper sticker on their foreheads.

I think it should only come up in conversation if one is asked. Then you have the option to answer truthfully or untruthfully. Fuck it, who cares! I mean the only time it really should matter is if you've decided to "give it up". It should be your personal disclaimer right before deciding to break the streak. Then it becomes an even more interesting conversation worth having. But until then its really nothing. I know in a previous post I clowned chicks who post naked pics of themselves online for the world to see. Well guess what? I have more respect for their method of advertising as opposed to those "I'm celibate" women.

QUESTION: Have you been celibate before? Why?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

all i can say is that we think the same way

ShesTooMuch4Em said...

People don't know the difference between celibate and abstance is what the problem is. I also think that unless it actually comes up people need to leave sex out of the conversation period when getting to know someone. That's just my personal opinion. Because unless you're taking it there, then why talk about it?

Skoolboi Krush said...

I had a boy in college who proclaimed to the entire campus that he was a virgin. Mind you, dude was doing everything except penetration. You wouldn't believe the number of women trying to give this boy some ass. I think its all about game. Trying to make themselves interesting.

Kevin John said...

I did a job in a "gay section" of the city once (Chi town), and after the job was done,went over to the watering hole and started making out with a rather attractive 'lesbian' in the bar(tells you what kind of bar it was).
Everyone called me Kevin Blue after that.
Damn, I almost made her change her mind...

anonyjw said...


This post gets an A+!

...funny (but true) too bad!!!

Untouched Jewel said...

There was a time when I was without sex for like 4 years, but that was by choice. I won't lie and say I was celibate, because I had wanted to get my kicks back then, I would have done it and made no bones about it. But you are right about one thing: men as well as women use that celibacy lie to get some ass, and it's not the business, period. I wish somebody would come at me with that celibacy shit. I would tell them to jump in the lake. LOL.

President Anthony Taurus said...

it be them chicks wit the coochie rot scent.. talkin bout they celibate.. then they can't hold back no more and they spread them legs and you wake up in the hospital not knowin wtf happen LOL

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

Hey! I've been celibate...

oohh never mind,

i thought you said 'celebrating'

exits post


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