Saturday, May 15, 2010

Booty poppin' lil white girls? See what you did Beyonce?

Dammit Beyonce, see what you did? Because of you, now we have 8yr old little white girls dressed as hookers dancing on stage all over the damn internet. Yep, because of you, Beyonce, white folks are a tad bit upset at us black people because of your "Single Ladies' song, and video. Yep, just like back in the day when crack finally made it out to the suburbs.

Back then nobody cared when it ravaged the hood when VCRs suddenly started coming up missing 'n shit. Nope. It was only until the white folks started getting hooked that it became a problem, which created much Anglo-Saxon outrage. You know, sorta like this current viral video has lately:

Now look Beyonce, when it was little black kids and them gays doing it, it was cool; nobody cared. Yep, not even black folks. Shit, we thought it was cute to see lil Tyneesha 'n 'em all over YouTube emulating you and your video. Hell, and when the gays got a hold of it, they lost their rabbit ass minds on and off the internet. Shoot, it was only a matter of time before lil white girls would exposed to this out in the 'burbs Beyonce.

Nope, I'm not gonna blame BET this time Beyonce!

Uh-huh, and us black folks laughed out asses off at them homos, 'cuz, well, you know how we do when it comes to them girly men anyway. But now I turn on my TV last night and I see a white man on CNN Headline News mad as hell over this shit. I swear I think he even called you a n*gger when he spoke, Beyonce. Yep, he said f*ck you and your big nose husband and all that hippity hoppity nonsense.

Yes, them folks was that mad, and just like back in the day, Nancy Reagan, who is now 163yrs old, is working on a new "Just Say No," commercial. Damn right, Just Say No to black culture and this type of f*ckery. See Beyonce? See what happens when you popular? No, I ain't talkin about lil female chipmunks singing your stuff in movies. I'm talkin about white folks having to justify and accept this mess like we do.



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