Monday, May 17, 2010

White and Black children biased towards lighter skin

Because sometimes we need to be reminded of how the media plays a significant role in shaping our minds and harmful racial stereotypical perceptions. I'd like to thank Anerson Cooper for this little tidbit from his show the other night. No new ground was broken; Kenneth & Mamie Clark, have already been down this road back in the 1940s. But if anything, the following clips reinforces the deep sickness of Colorism; a definite byproduct of the evil that is White Supremacy:

Of my four daughters, the 16yr old is having a hard time accepting her beauty. For quite some time she has developed self esteem issues related to her skin tone. In our family she's the darkest (her 4mth old baby sister is also the same skin tone but in her eyes she's the darkest). Quite naturally this is cause for concern for her mother and I; and hopefully, this is something she can outgrow as she gets older. But I'm afraid that this is a long held believe of hers that may affect her for a lifetime.

Try as we must to dispel these stereotypes, the sad reality is that in the world outside of our homes, it's just not that easy. The world outside our doors, which sneaks into our homes via the media, is an ugly place. And I'm not one of those dreamers hopeful for the day when racism comes to an end. As the clips and studies have shown, these attitudes are ingrained into our collective psyches.

Maybe mirrors should have never been invented...


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