Monday, May 9, 2011

Donald Trump:"I Am The Least Racist Person There Is," Plus, A Black Guy Won 'Celebrity Apprentice' Before

"You see Randall, you can be anything in America except President."
QUESTION(S): Is it possible for one to be racist and totally unaware that they are? In 2011, can we still use ignorance as an excuse?

In all my years of being a professional racism chaser, I never knew there were varying degrees of racism. Yes, nobody ever told me there is an actual racism meter. Up until now I never knew that someone could actually be kinda racist, slightly racist, or extremely racist. Obviously I'm showing my ignorance here, and to you I offer my apologies. I'm sorry, I've been the product of an ill formed opinion all these years. Of course up until Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends this morning, I've always thought that this racism thing was pretty cut and dry, or black and white as they say. I mean, you're either racist, or you're not. Or so I thought, right? Post-racial rule changes are a bitch.

Here is Donald Trump's appearance on Fox this morning where he's discussing Obama, bin Laden, China, claims of him being racist, and whatever garbage falls out of his mouth. When asked about Von Jones' campaign to have celebrities denounce Trump's "racism", Trump said: "I am the least racist person there is" I'm sorry, but being "the least racist," isn't actually a denial. Which is kinda funny because as far as Trump, though I don't know his cracker-ass, I never thought he would be brave enough to play the racist card to jeopardize his brand. But here he is pretty much admitting, that he is in fact racist, but not like the other guys. Let's be honest: believing Barack Obama to be Kenyan and brought to this country so his parents and grandparents could get on Welfare, isn't really a racist theory because they're white. And neither is suggesting that president Obama is intellectually inferior and only got to Harvard via Affirmative Action, because George Bush was a C-Average student.

Nope, Trump might not be the kind to burn a cross on a front yard, drag a black person behind a moving truck, or even vote for Obama like all the racist blacks who did in 2008. Nope, that's not him. Besides, there's no way he can be that racist unlike him being the "least racist," simply because of the fact that Randal Pinkett, a black guy, actually won a season of Celebrity Apprentice. Now I'm not saying that Trump is in fact racist; I think if he was he would've said he has black friends. However, isn't it nice to know that though some people may think a black man isn't qualified to run the country, that at least one of us is capable of winning Trump's stupid-ass bore of a reality show?


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