Sunday, May 22, 2011

EcoSoul's Draft Picks for Osama Bin Laden

Recent news outlets have reported that in the journals of Bin Laden he wanted to recruit the oppressed people of the United States and focused on blacks and Latinos.

Well, I have great candidates for al-Qaeda that I just suggested to Fox News. You should see the comments over there. Fuuuunnnnnyyy what white ignorance can produce.

Seriously, these are great candidates because they attempt to hide behind their whiteness. Great at the masquerade, but EcoSoul is outting them and enlisting them.

Columba Bush, real name, Columba Gallo Garcia (George Bush's sister-in-law)

Charlie Sheen, real name, Carlos Estevez (This Latino is winning and loves to slap muthafuckas up on the regular. He will enlist for a lifetime supply of the drug known as Sheen)

La La Vasquez. Now she fits both categories. You can get a 2 for 1 special.

Vin Diesel (According to Fast and Furious movies this negro can reassemble a car in 5 minutes and pull a bitch in 2)

Clarence Thomas, real name, Coon. I know, I know we all thought he was white, but I've got to let you all know, he is a negro.

Eminem, real name, Marshall Jenkins Matthers. This negro is a great candidate because he is always so fucking mad. The angriest negro I've ever met.


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