Friday, April 3, 2009

Unhappy With Your Riches Because You Piss Poor Morally

So everybody’s favorite K-9 owner Michael Vick will soon be released from prison. Good for him; he’s paid his debt to society. Hopefully he can reclaim a sense of normalcy after spending time behind bars. For many people returning to the world after doing time it’s hard. For some it can so hard that it contributes and factors in to their return to crime, and ultimately another trip in the prison bus. I don't see that happening for Vick though.

The good thing for Vick is that even in being released into a bad economy, he already has a job lined up. Sure working in construction for $10/hr is nothing like playing in the NFL and having checks for millions direct deposited, but hey, it’s a good start for the brother. I don’t know if he has kids, but I sure would hate to have to see him on the news robbing convenience stores with a kid in tow. Besides, do you know how many people unemployed right now would kill to be able to make ten bucks an hour?

Some people, you know the ones who are referred to as haters? They’re relishing his downfall. I mean why wouldn’t they? He’s the quintessential rags to riches story with a sad ending thus far. For some people, they would love to see him continue to toil. Yup, I’m sure right now there is some dog lover laughing at the fact that he will be working for $10/hr in the near future unlike the millions he made in recent years. The funny thing about that, according to his attorney in a bankruptcy court hearing, he’s slated to earn $600,000 for an upcoming documentary.

So while you’re laughing and delectable of his trivial existence right now hater, he’s slated to earn in one check more than most would make in a lifetime. I’m happy for Vick, and I do hope he returns to the NFL, and does even better than before in spite of the naysayers. Should he make a comeback in the NFL, being a 6yr veteran, he’s slated to make no less than a minimum of $620,000 per year. Surely he’ll be quick to say that he has learned from his mistake should he make that type of money. And you know what? I would believe him. You can’t help but to learn when you lose as much as he has financially. Yes, he made a very costly mistake, but life is all about living and learning, right? I mean, this is America, the land of second chances, right?

Live ya life Mike Vick


MacDaddy said...

Rippa: Okay, I'm partial. I grew up in Atlanta, and I still am a loyal Atlanta Falcon fan. But here's the real reason I'm pulling for Vick: Vick did wrong and should have gone. But the problem is that what he did was something that many others do in the southern part of the Unites States, including law enforcement. I mean, you got sheriffs and other police folks breeding animals for dog races in the same way that they do horses. So Vick was just a scapegoat for despicable dog-racing industry.

Vick: You paid your due. And we all know that being a brotha who used to have a boat load of cash didn't help you. But good luck coming back. There's still a lot of us behind you.

Untouched Jewel said...

Michael ain't no different than the crooks working in high rise offices on Wall St., downtown L.A. or anywhere else in this country. If they can get away with cheating people out of billions the way Bernie Madoff did, Michael Vick should be able to play in the NFL again. He's only being made an example out of, because he's BLACK. Vick deserves a comeback. He should get a fair shake just like anybody else with money and power. But one thing I will say is one time is enough! The second or any other time you do some stupid shit, you on your own.

RiPPa said...

@MacDaddy: Oh I'm with you brother. It's amazing how little the animal cruelty is covered in horse racing, but yet Vick was public enemy number one. I support this brother in his comeback, and I do hope that the NFL lets him back in, and not just because he needs the money as some people would probably say. Wouldn't it be funny if he came back to the Cowboys?

RiPPa said...

@Untouched Jewel:I had to laugh as I read your comment. I was thinking the same thing. I didn't wanna go there when I wrote this, but yes, him being Black weighs heavy on all of this. I'm like you, you only get one time to screw it up.

CareyCarey said...

We need a round table on this one.

The word "black" snaps at some differently than others. I knew a women that wouldn't go to a black beauty shop and got mad when a white one said they couldn't do her hair.

Vick has made questionable decisions but I am riding with him. But like you said RiPPa, all bad guys don't wear white. Hating ass Ni**as come in greasy and black.

Some of his partners were/are haters.

Vick: slow yo' role ...dey lookin atchu. Me too, am sorry the Bears made their move to soon.

RiPPa said...

@Carey: Its funny you mentioned the Bears. I had predicted when he went down that he would come out and play for them. That just seemed like the perfect fit for him.

postpostracial said...

Animal cruelty was never really an issue. He made money that likely was never reported to the good old IRS, and did so in a way that crossed state lines. He is a very, very lucky man.

I do hope he has learned from his mistakes. But sadly, I doubt whether other brothers in professional sports and entertainment have. People have to learn that if you want to succeed to new heights, sometimes you cannot take your boys from the old neighborhood with you.

Madam Z said...

I thought it was completely nuts that Vick got jail time for what he did. There are so many REAL criminals sitting in posh offices, collecting fat bonuses for wrecking our economy, while our jails are full of people who got caught smoking a joint or mistreating a dog.

I wish Mike well and hope he is able to re-build his career.

Mista Jaycee said...

He got punished more than some murderers. He lost his fame, his fortune and his career well...
over some dogs, his arrogance and bad timing.


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