Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fried Chicken: The Next Movement

It's been kinda quiet on the front lines in the struggle lately. I'm guessing this is why a few Negroes out in Oakland saw it fit to use the senseless killing of Lovelle Mixon as the new movement for justice. Yup, that's what's wrong right now with my brothers and sisters on the front lines; we're running low on causes.

I was told by someone over here that we should selebrate Mixon because White people celebrate Billy the Kid and John Dillinger. Umm, can you tell me how you feel about that one? That said, compliments of fellow blogger Siditty (you guys should check her out her blog), I will now present to you, something definitely worth protesting, or even fighting for.

Check it:

Ok, I have to confess. When I first saw this video I laughed just a little bit. Ok yeah, so I thought it was kinda funny. Though the video was funny, it is still yet a worthy cause worth the fight; yes, racism is just that important to fight. The thought of this commercial being ran on TV here in this country made it even funnier. Why? Because I could see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson leading a boycott of this fried chicken franchise, and some of us being conflicted on doing it. What? Don't act like you don't like fried chicken.

But hey, we all need to get together as a people, and stand firm for our melanin afflicted brothers and sisters over in Korea right now. There aren't too many of them over there, so they sure can use our voices in support. Yup, this week fried chicken, next week we'll work on watermelons. And speaking of support, I'd like you folks to check out this post by Fungke Blak Chik:Mommy, Is He A Good Cop or Bad Cop?. I think you'll find it interesting as it deals with how we educate our kids on perceptions of the police.


CareyCarey said...

Straight Big RiPPa chaser.

I's like fried chicken.

Whys er'body always pickin' on Jessie and Ol'jumpsuit Al Sharpton? Huh ...whats up wit dat RiPPa *lol*. See, I heard you talking about watching your language but you gotta stop talking bad about all the good people.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I always find those asian commercials interesting & even more interesting is how they're absorbing 'black' culture over there, only due to the fact of what they see on BET & MTV.

Siditty said...

Thanks for the shout out. I did give up the fried chciken when I gave up that meat. I still miss Popeye's. I ain't going to lie. It is the shiznit.

DivaMom said...

Ummm, please educate me.....Yes, I know that the commercial depicted blacks as Cannibals who were wooed away from their tasy Korean game by magic chicken, but I am not sold on the idea that this is an example of racism. The idea of Black loving watermelon and friend chicken is only racist within an American context. Are the Koreans (the ones who dont all the West Indian food Markets and Beauty Supply Stores) also familiar with this idea? (BTW have you ever had Korean fried chicken? It's good as HELL!) Anyways I think the idea was that this chicken is irrestible to even Canibals!
In this case the cannibals are black. Korean cannibals who's ever heard of that? The story line has to be at least a bit convincing.

Anonymous said...

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