Friday, March 27, 2009

Since When Did Raping A 12yr Old Girl Make You A Hero

This is the stuff I was afraid was going to come out of this. Yes, I told you folks days ago that people were going to use this as an opportunity to politic. I swear, sometimes my "cousins" disappoint me. Do you they really think that White America is going to take us seriously?

I'm all about protesting for justice, socially, economically and otherwise, but making this guy like the new Negro version of Ghandi, or Jesus on the cross I'm not down with. We shouldn't miss an opportunity to speak out against the savagery that some minorities face on a daily basis when dealing with police officers. But when your poster child is a guy who shot four cops because he didn't want to go back to prison? When the same guy you're using to take a stand was just connected to the rape of a 12yr old child by DNA evidence, where's the sense in that?

Oh, lemme guess, White people are just supposed to all of a sudden stop and feel sorry for us Black people and what we deal with (racial profiling etc.) because of this guy? I mean I know we all look alike and all, but dammit if this isn't some bullshit. One of my pet peeves when I have conversations with my White friends about racism, social injustice etc., is that they often say that Black people are stuck on being victims.

They use this as a defense to the argument that racism still exists. It's an argument that I detest. I will however concede that personal responsibility is in fact important in moving forward. How about we hold people like Lovelle accountable for what he was? Instead of being a hero, or an innocent victim acting out against a system of oppression, how about we just see him for what he was.

That said, it pisses me off when I see and hear shit like this in the following clip. Yes it does. How am I supposed to fight against a system of bullshit, when folks put guys like Lovelle Mixon on a pedestal? Lemme guess, if the cops who pulled him over were Black, they would have exchanged phone numbers, he would have invited them over for BBQ and a few beers, they'd become friends and everything would have been all good? Yup nobody would have died that day, right? What's wrong with our cousins? Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture?


Villager said...

You tapped this one right in the center! Good analysis and conclusions. Don't give up on your cousins. We'll get it right soon..

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im new to your blog from Funky "Black".

On topic - I live in the Bay and am sickened by that "cousin". Just the fact that he killed 4 people for no reason did it for me. Tuesday morning when I woke up and they had the DNA new, I was DONE. His sister got on the news and said how he was "misunderstood" or something ridiculous like that, done with her ass too.

And the topper, she had her own court case.

Sorry about the link.

Norm-Ski said...

You hit this one on the head Rippa.
I personally dont think this guy should put up on any kind of a pedestal. In fact, because of his previous cases involving guns and molesting children he probably shouldnt have been out on the streets in the first place. Rippa my cousins is over here wildin' out! I need some manpower!

Anonymous said...

They are actually idolizing this dude. He is a murderer and a rapist...all before he is 30. Is this some kind of sick right of passage in Cali? Rippa at about 1:54 in the first video, I could have sworn I saw Sugg Knight in the shot...Hmmm, that would explain it all

RiPPa said...

@Villager: Thanks brother. This just motivates me to work harder at reaching out to "our cousins". Especially the younger ones who idolize these negative images of themselves.

@Pam: Thanks for coming through and for the feedback. I could imagine how things are out in Oakland this week. My wonder is that this must be representative of a very small minority of the community there, right? As far as supporting this guy? I've heard and read a lot of stories about things being tough out there as far as police go. But I don't know just how accurate that is; people tend to exaggerate given the recent events in the news that goes all the way back to Oscar Grant. And now I hear this dude may have been connected to 6 rapes?!!

@Norm-Ski: I read where they said that he was sent back to prison twice for violating his parole. His warrant for arrest was due to him skipping out on his P.O. three times. Sounds like he didn't like or cherish his freedom enough to me.

@PoetyK: Suge Knight's broke ass may have very well be in the video. I hear Death Row Records are trying to re-launch next month. From what I hear, he's been getting his ass knocked out in the clubs so much these days that he has to look to idiots like the ones in the video for backup.

CareyCarey said...

Tap Tap's CareyCarey about to go a little left on this one. Dey WRONG ...dats right! He's a fool-ass Negro ...Dats right! The negro wit dah bullhorn is bigger fool ...Double right!!

Now why all these Mf'ers gettin all the air time? It's just like the cheese line when they show the brotha with the ashy mouth and no teeth. Shit, if it wasn't for white people there wouldn't be welfare ...I am digressing sorry. But no, the media is a motherfucker. Somebody should come and interview Big RiPPa. Has anybody seen Alibaabaa's fat ass ...where is Al Sharpton?

I know it's not the media's fault but every time they show a picture of a foolass N**ga ...yeah I said it mouth Ni**a ...they should stop their cameras in front of all the brokeback mountain cities were they are breading new welfare babies by the boat load ...Them ain't negros ...them po' ass white folks just saying sayin' F**k ...this shit pisses me off done. What's up RiPPa.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Absolutely disgusting in so many ways. Hmmm...tell us how you really feel,

Dirty Red said...

Man I did not mean to post jack you, but I wrote about the same ignant shit over at my shit.
What is wrong with our people?

RiPPa said...

@Dirty Red: Its allgood withe me bruh. More people need to be talking about this shit so people CAN see just how silly and misguided some of us are. If there intention was to speak out on police brutality and all of that, this was not the fool to stnd behind.

@Carey: G';on and tell 'em why you mad son! This shit had me heated just like that when I first saw it. And you could imagine because I said earlier in the week that this shit was gonna happen.

alicia banks said...


it is truly tragic to see the media pretend that mixon's fans are more than a very small minority blinded by hatred of the police...

and it wounds me even more to see the memory of the beautiful executed oscar grant be linked and thus equated with the memory of this evil ugly menace mixon...

mixon is no hero
and ONLY oscar is a martyr!

the racist media ignored many blacks who mourned the officers
as they exaggerated mixon's twisted fans...


cinco said...

This shit is crazy. Why can't you find these people to make ligitimate protests? Mixon was scum! No redeeming quallities. Unable to be rehabilitated. If I'm not mistaken he's passes his crazy genes on to another generation. He makes the case for the 3 strike rule. Rot in prison instead of killing others. It pisses me off that he didn't just kill himself. Do what you want to yourself. After the first 2 cops he could have saved the country more anguish and killed himself. He was a big pussy. A coward. Another reason why I believe in a women's right to abort; as well as believing in suicide. Bastard!


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