Friday, March 13, 2009

Does This Qualify As A Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence

Ok, so I'm trying to contain myself from fits of laughter as I type this. Yes, to me its that funny. Well, see the guy in the pic above? His name is Antwan L. Grandberry, and he's 19yrs old. Yeah, that's a mug shot. Uh huh, that means this story involves someone - more than likely him - going to jail.

So why are you laughing at a Black man going to jail RiPPa?
And hell, just from your title, it sounds like its a sexual assault case! Ain't nothing funny about that!

Well, yeah, you're right, ain't nothing funny about a sexual assault. Nope, rape is a serious crime, and it is nothing to be taken lightly or to be laughed at.

So why are you laughing RiPPa?

Because this dude is in jail for punching his mother in the face.

Well that ain't funny either RiPPa!

I know, it's not, but that's not the funny part. See, Antwan found time to pleasure himself in his backyard and his mom peeked out the window and caught him. Yup, this Negro was jerkin off in the backyard. Why, and how, I have no idea. But Antwan was doing the old knuckle shuffle on his piss pump. Seems like he was so seriously into his strokes that when she busted him, he zipped up his pants, ran around the house and punched her in the face. How you gon' just punch yo momma in the face like that Antwan?

I don't know about you, or this guy, but I love my mother. Matter of fact, if my mom caught me jerkin off, the embarrassment alone would probably make me cry. But to punch her in the face? That just makes me wonder who in the fuck was he having a fantasy about while he was doin his thing. Somebody needs to find out and warn that person. Damn right they do. Because if this Negro could punch his momma for interrupting his chicken choking action, he damn sure might be a stalker or rapist in training if not prevented. Lets just hope he had a farm animal on his mind at the time.


have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex?


Wizzy Jr. said...

Well, I guess he was mad that his Mama fucked up his nut. Hell, you know how good an orgasm feels. You interrupt it, you suffer dire consequences.

My thing is, that fool shoulda went into a ROOM and locked the gotdamn door. Da FUCK you gonna jack off in public for? I mean, I know it's your back yard and all that...but DAMMIT, FOLKS IS NOSY!!....esepcially Mamas.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

uh he needs his ass whooped!! dirty ass!! why the hell are u outside masturbating???? I'm glad she called the police on his trifiling ass!

Jazz said...

I hope he didnt punch her with the hand he had the precum on.

autoegocrat said...

They're charging him with battery but it's not clear whether that's for burping the worm or for hitting his mom.

Oh, and this.

msladydeborah said...

I'm the mother of three sons. They spent a lot of time in the bathroom during their teen years. But if I had busted them in our backyard and any one of them swung on me afterwards, he would be audtioning as a lyric soprano for whatever opera company would take him.

For real-this over grown perv should of gotten his ass kicked by his mama. It would of been on at my house! He would of been beat down!

Mahoganydymond said...

I am laughing not totally by his actions but the fact he was doing it outside.. He needs to seek help...

Dirty Red said...

Yeah man this is some sad shit. Well at least his Moms didn't catch him watching HER and trying to rub one out. Now that would have been all kinds of wrong.

RiPPa said...

Now I'm wondering what was it that his momma said to him when she say him doing his thing.

Untouched Jewel said...

This dumb shit here qualifies as JUST PLAIN OLE STUPID. I think he wanted somebody to see him gettin his bussit baby on, but didn't expect to see his mom catch him in the act. Funny and retarded all at the same time.

uglyblackjohn said...

He was "interupted" not "caught".
It's like someone saying that they "caught" you taking a s**t.
Well... if it's outside, "caught" is the word to use.

But I'm laughing at his attempt at knuckle babies too.

President Anthony Taurus said...


im laughin at the WHOLE situation..


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