Friday, March 6, 2009

Booty Implants?!! You Gonna Put What In Your Buttcheeks?!!!

Look, it's no secret that men love looking at a woman with a fat ass. Sure, some men are addicted to titties, but don't let them fool you, they love a fat ass. It would seem that women go to extraordinary lengths to acquire said fat booty.

Recently a Florida woman was arrested for selling fake booty injections designed to "allegedly" increase the size of a woman's butt. Turns out this woman wasn't even a doctor. Two women she injected ended up in the hospital in critical condition. I don't know about you, but I'd be damned if I go to some quack who operates out of their momma's kitchen for any procedure.

But I guess women would go to any lengths to become aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of others. Countess Vaughn pictured above got her a new booty. I' not hatin', but she has money to throw away like that. Me? I think regular people, or women who do this type of stuff are kinda crazy. My motto is, if you can't buy it at Walmart, you don't need it. And I have yet to see the house that Sam built with a booty implant department.

But thanks to hip hop, the fat ass is something that is beholden. You can say how misogynistic hip hop may be, but hey, if it wasn't for hip hop, there'd be no "Baby Got Back", and hence, White women in pursuit of that elusive fat ass. Well, here's a situation down in Knoxville Tn that you guys have to check out. It's a clear case of when the pursuit of the fat ass goes wrong...

Wasn't that shit nasty looking they way she was jiggling it? Did you see how hard it was for the news anchor to control his laughter? If this woman was hoping to attract a man by doing what she did, I'd say she failed horribly. I swear if she was my woman and she came home with that droopy ass booty, I'd laugh in her face. Ok, so that's probably mean, and you guys may say I should support whatever my woman does. But fuck that! I would never encourage my woman or any woman I'm involved with to do some shit like that.

"Say baby, when I hit it from the back your ass bone be killin my pelvic region when they smash. Matter of fact, if this keeps up, I'm probably gonna have to have pelvis replacement surgery. Could you go out and get some jiggle implanted into your non-booty having self? Me love you long time!"

Hell, I don't understand the whole cosmetic surgery thing. Well, that's unless you're making your penis longer or your vagina smaller and tighter that is. Other than that, anything outside of fixing a cleft palate, or fixing that hunchback of Notre Dame thing is ridiculous.

The only people who should venture into procedures like this should be people who work in the sex industry. You know, like strippers and pornstars? If you're a mom, or a woman working a regular 9 to 5, and not getting paid to be looked at, why even waste your money? Or worse, why even risk your life?

The messed up thing, is that this woman paid $5,500 for this procedure. Hopefully she didn't have to take out a loan for this. But then again, maybe it's a good thing if she did. That way since her dumb ass hates the way it turned out, she can default on the payments and have her implant repossessed. I have no idea why women do this, or who is to blame. Has our society become so male dominated that in an attempt to compete, women would risk their lives?


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Even Bill Cosby Approves


Norm-Ski said...

Lets not leave out these vain ass men who get pec and calf implants. I actually think thats worse because who the hell are they doing it for? No woman ever left a man because his calfs were too small! Serouly the whole cosmetic surgery industry was built not on strippers and actresses but everyday women like the one in the video with super low sel-esteeem. Fucking sad.

RiPPa said...

@Norm-Ski: You mean there are cats who do that type of shit??

Mista Jaycee said...

I love seeing Bill Cosby chilling. Plus you posted a Butt! Oh Yeah! Good times!

President Anthony Taurus said...

ewwwwwwwww.. her ass cheek like.. moved in a non-ass cheek kind of way lol.

yes men do get pec and calf implants. remember ren hoek of ren and stimpy. that's art imitating life for real. and i remember watchin some show where this dude was big on definition but he had like womanly legs and his calf muscles didn't match the rest of his body so he got calf implants lol

Mahoganydymond said...

Well I for one want implants in two sections of my body.. So I am one of these people IF I had the money to do it I would.. I wouldn't go to no one who isn't licensed and so forth. It is what makes a person feel good about themselves.. Yea Hip Hop messed with my head.. LOL

a.eye said...

WOW!! She really got messed up. I guess she needed to do some research before going under the knife to make her ass look like she has a helmet in it.

I've seen some pretty crazy plastic surgery after-images, and it makes me really question how people could attempt to make some serious changes to their bodies without really finding out about the doctor, his/her clients and their results, the doctor's reputation, etc.

Reggie said...

As much as I have mad love for a gorgeous set of ( @ )( @ ), I like to think of myself as a true connoiesseur of junk in the trunk!!! To be honest, I hate to see fake ( @ )( @ ) and besides they always felt like a couple of softballs to me, I like my boobage really soft. I can only imagine how hard fake buttcheeks feel....and that's just wrong RiPPa!!!

I'd stick something in those buttcheeks, but it sure as hell wouldn't be implants!!!

Face said...

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