Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sure Barck Obama wears gold fronts and listens to Hip Hop in the White House

“We falsely think of our country as a democracy, when in fact it has evolved into a mediaocracy.” - Danny Schecter

You know, I've never wished death on anyone. But today, I find myself wishing for Michael Savage to have a slip and fall in the bathtub. Yep, only to have some sobbing and grieving relative, having to make the decision of pulling the plug on his life support, as he lays lifeless in an intensive care bed.

Sure that sounded cold, but hey, he's already brain-dead, isn't he? Aww fuck it! I just can't stand the guy as I've explained in the past, where he accuses Barack Obama of inciting a race war in America. Anywhoo, check him out in one of his ongoing displays of corporate media sanctioned bigotry:

OK, so maybe I don't really wish he was dead. Maybe I'd prefer him to be hit by a truck in rush hour traffic and be forced to live the rest of his natural life in a vegetated state, and pack a colostomy bag. Yeah I know that's hateful and mean and out of the Michael Savage playbook; and yes, I know I'm better than that; and no this isn't about me defending Barack Obama specifically. Hell, even he has denied that much of what we see as racist rhetoric directed towards him, to be merely people voicing their frustrations towards the government.

“The media companies are extremely successful because they actually control the means by which the public can learn about debates. Exxon would love to own the media, or Philip Morris, so any debate over cigarettes has to go through them.” - Robert McChesney 

For Barack it's not personal; but, for me it is. It is so because I'm sick and fucking tired of assholes like Savage inflamming the minds of many with his racist vitriol through the media. Yep, the media - the people who are supposed to represent the fourth establishment of this great nation. Case in point, just yesterday I had an argument with some asshole who said black people were racist for supporting Obama. Yep, this cocksucker had the nerve to say that black people were complicit of being racist in support of Obama. And his justification? He believes Obama has been running over white people in America with his rogue and yes racist policies.

According to this turd, Barack Obama granted black people reparations via the passage of the Health Care Reform bill. And where do idiots like him form these opinions? Well, conservative cum guzzlers like the Neanderthal with whom I had this conversation, are  intellectually incapable of forming original thought. Instead, they parrot much of the rhetoric heard on conservative talk radio. And of course you can thank the FCC who through the influence of conservative politicians for creating this atmosphere. To do this they did away with the Fairness Doctrine back in the 1990s.

“The gate keepers of the truth are not the reporters, they are the owners and the lackey editors who work for the owners and they’ll decide what flies and what works and what pays the freight in terms of advertising and the numbers.” - Charles Lewis

Frankly, the "we want our country back," or the, "keep niggers out of NASCAR," meme is old, tired and pathetic. But hey, we all knew what we were getting into in this uncharted territory of racial politics, right? The irony all of this, is that Savage and company associates Obama with national decline. In their perpetual ignorance and Jimmy Rebel attitudes, they egregiously associate him  Nazi fascism. And while they do this, they sound no different than the very German Nazi's to whom they liken Barack Obama.

“Goebbels said that what you want in a media system, and he meant the Nazi media system, is to present ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity.” - Mark Crispin Miller

The truth is, most of these idiots are suckers; they continue to be suckered by people the likes of Savage who profit highly from their xenophobic and hateful ways. Don't believe me? Watch the following video. It is a video that I believe every American who truly loves this country, should take the time to watch:


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