Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When did Puerto Rico become a foreign country, and why are people born there placed in deportation proceedings?

OK, so let's talk about racial profiling by law enforcement as it relates to Latinos, shall we? Yes, let's talk about the Eduardo Caraballo and his mistake of being born of Hispanic descent and living in America in 2010:

So yeah, I realize that this didn't happen in Arizona, but in the state of Illinois instead. However, this is yet another example of just how Arizona's new immigration law, and similar laws being considered by several states can backfire. Sure just this one story presents itself to be an anomaly; and, it is in no way indicative of any problems when it comes to policing Federal immigration laws.

However, this is nothing new; and further, it's a damn shame that Eduardo Caraballo had to sit in jail for three days before somebody decided it was OK for him to be a citizen (did it really have to take a Congressman for this to happen?). As I've highlighted on this very site just over a year ago, hundreds of American citizens of a certain hue are "accidentally deported" every year. Nope Cheech Marin's Born In East L.A. isn't just some Hollywood fantasy passed off as idle but comedic entertainment in the form of a motion picture.

Unfortunately for "Pedro" the Puerto Rican in the above story, he wasn't deported. He was fortunate not to have to endure the hassle of being outside of the country fighting to get back in as many others have. You know, the few hundred people or so who are accidentally deported each year? Yep, the very same people who have successfully brought lawsuits against the U.S. gov't or their errors. You know, people like Pedro Guzman and others who were American citizens kicked out of the country over the past eight years?
"Yeah RiPPa, "Pedro" the Puerto Rican might be American, but he still looks suspect just like the rest of his refried bean eating Messikan cousins! So yeah, let's deport them all and sort the shit out  later. Yep, and while we're at it, why don't we send the Nigras back to Africa too. This is Amuur'cuh dammit! A nation designated by God, for white rule. Yep, it's in the constitution! Sure as shit!! Manifest Destiny biiiiiiiiyatch!!!"
But hey, racial profiling is no big deal nor a problem - the problem lies in all the "illegals" breathing and using up all the white man's air. If it wasn't for them, there'd be no need for just laws to protect our land. Sorry Eduardo, maybe you should bleach your skin like Sammy Sosa and learn how to hit a curve ball like the rest of your Latin-Caribbean cousins should you intend to stay in this country. After all, soccer isn't exactly America's favorite pastime sport.

Ain't that right Eddie Blue-Eyes?

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