Monday, June 28, 2010

The Boondocks: A Date With The Booty Warrior

Just this past weekend I found myself bored to friggin death and somehow I ended up on MSNBC watching their Lockup television prison series. I found myself asking the question: Why the f*ck does MSNBC show this shit every damn weekend? Is their parent company General Electric somehow tied in with the Prison Industrial Complex? Why is MSNBC, a "liberal media" outlet continuously promoting a penal system which does very little by the way of rehabilitation, where minorities are overrepresented in the prison population?

Then by late Sunday night it hit me: They show this crap every weekend so that my man Aaron McGruder would be able to do an episode of The Boondocks centered on it with guaranteed comedic genius. This episode had me especially fallin-tha-fuck-out, with references to Fleece Johnson, pictured above. I wrote about Fleeece Johnson two years ago on this blog (right here), so again, for me, this episode was especially hilarious [read my blog on Fleece Johnson and you'll understand].

But beyond the obvious, I thought it was pretty clever how this episode referenced the inability of black politicians (read: the CBC), to get their shit together and affect positive change for their constituents. I thought it was particularly brilliant how they used the pursuit of "Booty", as the embodiment of personal interests. And, it was truly genius how in the end it took a pre-pubescent wanna be thug - Riley - to point out that bitch-ass n*ggas just vote and do nothing else. Yet another jewel lost on the simple minded, indeed:


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