Monday, September 20, 2010

If You Think "She Was Asking For It," You Might Be A Potential Rapist

I've had a penis now for, oh, a little over 40yrs now. And I've come to realize that having one of those things grants you certain privileges that for the most part aren't recognized by fellow penis possessors.

For example, having a penis leaves one oblivious to many of the things women - or, people with vaginas - are subjected to at the hands of men. For all intents and purposes of this post, let's discuss this, shall we?

Recently, the newest contributor of our blog team, Tracy Renee Jones, dropped an awesome piece that highlighted the abuse women deal with daily in the form of unwanted sexual advances from men.

It's an awesome piece, and if you missed it, you really should check it out [read]. Ironically, her post was written on the week that there was much discussion on the female sports reporter being sexually harassed in the New York Jets locker room.

Now if you haven't heard, about a week or so ago, Mexican sports reporter Inez Sainz was at the center of much discussion after it was brought to the attention of the NFL and the New York Jets front office, that several players and staff acted inappropriately towards her while she attempted to do her job of interviewing rising star Mexican quarterback, Mark Sanchez [read here].

Well, not to really belabor a point or anything, but when it was all said and done, and the story broke with pics of what she was wearing, many in the court of public opinion were quick to suggest that whatever treatment she received, was a product of her unprofessional-ism. To make a long story short, many people were of the opinion that she was "asking for it," by being dressed as a whore in a men's locker room. Look, I like a fat ass like the next guy, but being in the presence of one doesn't give me license to act like a Neanderthal.

One blogger in particular even went as far as to draw a comparison between what she wore in the locker room, to making a conscious decision to walk through a "Crip" neighborhood in the middle of the night while wearing all red. And obviously, like her, anyone who does something like that, should know better. According to him, "victim blaming isn't always a bad thing." Especially when said victim dresses like a whore; I know, real nice, right?

After all, one should be cognizant of their surroundings; shame on her for thinking that there would be grown-ass-men in the locker room and not a bunch of aggressive hyper-sexual juveniles easily turned on by the sight of a woman in tight jeans. But you see, it is having a penis and the obvious male patriarchy that supports and creates excuses for certain behaviors by men, even if deemed offensive in any rationally thinking mind.

But none of that matters, because it's all her fault, right?

Speaking of fake-ass wannabe female victims. Checkout what happened to Stephanie Van Groll about a year ago in Wisconsin after filing charges against her ex-boyfriend in a domestic abuse case via TPM:
Kenneth Kratz, district attorney in Calumet County, Wisconsin, sent sexually suggestive texts to a domestic abuse victim last year, during the time he was prosecuting her case against her ex-boyfriend.

Kratz was handling the case of Stephanie Van Groll, 26, in October 2009, after she accused her ex-boyfriend of nearly choking her to death. Van Groll complained that in a two-day span, Kratz sent her "20-plus" texts attempting to start an affair with her. One of the texts said: "Are u the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA...the riskier the better? Or do you want to stop right now before any issues?"

Kratz handed over the case once Van Groll made the complaint, and has since resigned his position on the Wisconsin Crime Victims' Rights Board. Reportedly, he resisted at first, and tried to avoid "public disclosure" of the case, according to Channel 3000 News.
So lemme guess, Stephanie Van Groll, like Inez Sainz, had to be wearing too-tight-jeans and brought this all on herself, right? Either that, or this must be a problem in Wisconsin where public officials are known to take advantage of women as I mentioned some time ago in another post [here].

Yep, just like Sainz she was asking for it; and, she got it from someone who is supposed to be a voice or judicial advocate for women who are victims of domestic abuse. I'm not a woman, but I sincerely doubt that after being choked to near death by my boyfriend if I would have thoughts of the next hook-up on my mind. But what do I know; I have a penis, and if you wear tight jeans it's your fault.

Checkout some of his texts:

Now the really disgusting part of this situation, is that the District Attorney in question will be allowed to keep his position, and is up for re-election in 2012. See how that having a penis thing works? Yep, as long as the "boys will be boys" axiom remains, assholes like this guy will never be held accountable for their actions. And actually, it could be said that it is this logic that gives rise to the defense of his actions.

Look, as a father if four girls, lemme encourage you parents of boys there to step your game up. I'm not suggesting that you're not doing enough, or that you're a bad parent. I am however suggesting that you make sure and beat it into the head of your sons, that a woman should never be disrespected in this manner. Specifically, pound it into their heads that behaviors such as we're discussing in no way acts as a measure of manhood.

You can either do that or have them grow up to believe said behavior to be acceptable. Yep, and when the next "fine-ass-bitch" walks in their place of employment. Do encourage them to grab their crotch, smack her on the ass, hell throw caution to the wind and whisper in her ear, "wait 'till you see my dick." And of course once your oh-so-professional-son gets fired. Do encourage him to sue the shit out of his former employer as well. Please do, because after all, it was the bitches fault, right?


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