Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slave-Catcher Of The Week: Anita MonCrief, ACORN, & "Operation Darkie Shield"

So, by now if you live in the real world, and not that alternate reality bizarro world which is home to wing-nuts, you're fully aware of the Andrew Breibart's ACORN smearing, that has long since been debunked à la the infamous Shirley Sherrod "I'm in the NAACP and I'm racist," FOX News promoted bullshit-ass video.

Now the one thing about the ACORN video, was that it painted black women in a negative light. According to Breibart's video, the sisters were experts in the pursuit hoe-shit; and were actually pimp/hoe consultants who sold foodstamp cards and dope, and used the "community activist" tag as an obvious front.

Fast-forward to today, and ACORN has closed its doors, and in steps Anita MonCrief, an ex-ACORN employee now turned Conservative activist. Which there's nothing wrong with her being a political activist; except that she's pimping her "I used to work with ACORN" card.

Surely anyone who once worked for ACORN can establish some credibility as a wannabe self-avowed whistle-blower, by being an expert on all the tricks of those race-baiting white liberals and the crime loving black folks who they employ, right?

This from Talking Points Memo:
Anita MonCrief, a self-described whistleblower who previously worked for the community organizing group ACORN, told tea party activists in D.C. on Friday to get involved in their local elections to prevent progressive organizations from stealing the races through voter fraud.

Tea Party groups, as TPM has reported, have raised the issue of voter fraud ahead of the midterm elections, but most voting experts say such claims of voter fraud are inflated and can lead to policies which suppress the turnout of legitimate voters.

So where should tea partiers be monitoring for action from what conservatives swear are election-stealing liberal groups? A pamphlet handed out at the meeting produced by American Majority has some ideas. Among the locations to watch: bus stops, utility bill pay centers, day labor sites and welfare offices on the 1st and 15th of the month.[...]

[...] MonCrief, who is African-American, was speaking before an entirely white, mostly middle-aged group of a little over two dozen people at Liberty XPO & Symposium in D.C. She said that it is progressive groups who are making race an issue, and that voter fraud has nothing to do with skin color.

"ACORN is run by liberal whites who want street cred," MonCrief said. "They just put the black people out there on TV and it's usually, you'll find, the most toothless one they could [find]." She said it operates in areas with a large black or Latino population, but their diversity is just a ploy.

"Let me think of a P.C. way to say this," MonCrief said. "Okay I called it 'Operation Darkie Shield'," she revealed, after being encouraged by the audience.

Officials at ACORN said in 2008 that MonCrief wasn't credible because she was fired for running up $3,000 in personal expenses on a ACORN credit card.[...]

[...] She said that the outlook for conservatives looked good for November, that the activists "can't rest on our laurels" because of groups like Organizing for America and those funded by George Soros. MonCrief recommended that those in attendance pick up a book by John Fund of The Wall Street Journal, and warned that Democrats would be trying to pass a Universal Voter Registration act which would put illegal immigrants with drivers licenses on the voting rolls and lead to double voting.
I hear you Anita, those white liberals are envious of Eminem, and yes they want street cred. Something that you obviously know a lot about despite of being a Tea Party kneecap-licking sister. Yep, you're gangsta, Anita. Gansta enough to steal from ACORN and turn around and get yours after they fired you.
Yep, get that money girl; get rich or stay jigging!


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