Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey, Gabourey Sidibe: Tell them to kiss your entire fat black ass!

The last thing I need right now is to get my blood pressure all worked up. So for this one I'll be nice and just say that if I was Gabourey Sidibe I'd tell muthaf*ckas to kiss my entire fat black ass. Of course I understand that  she won't actually get all Della Reese on folks. But this is why I have a blog; and this is why I'm about to get medieval on that ass as a voice of reason with much righteous indignation. The nerve of these people coming out of the woodwork offering her advice on what she has to do as if they really give a damn about her and any potential success acting or otherwise.... ole cracka-ass-crackas!

Offering her "help" in the form of a one year supply pf diet pills as the CEO of AcaiSupply.com did recently, "in return for her glowing testimonial after she sheds her unwanted pounds," is an insult [click to read his open letter to her here]. Yeah, and supposedly he's worried about her health and not the bottom line which is profits, right? OK, so she didn't win the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Precious. But let them tell it, it was because she's a talentless fat bastard who will never work again in Hollywood. Any day now it wouldn't be a surprise if a privileged melanin deficient asshole other than Howard Stern publicly suggests that she bleaches her skin.

Shit, one would think that Sidibe showed up on the red carpet with a bucket of KFC, hooked up to an I.V. that pumped BBQ sauce into her arm in need of an intervention the way "certain people" are talking. But hey, white folks are into saving Negroes these days thanks to Sandra Bullock and the movie The Blindside, so I guess this is all to be expected.

Well RiPPa they are kinda telling the truth. Black women have a hard time as is getting jobs in Hollywood and being the new fat kid in town sure as hell don't help much. Hollywood ain't too welcoming of black women or black folks much less the fat ones. Shit, the only fat black bitch they love is Oprah and you damn well know that!

Of course I know that, but why does it have to be this fat black chick that catches hell? I mean I hate to think that people are of the idea that Gabourey is in fact a fried chicken stealing, low self esteem having, uneducated fat black chick in real life. I know life sometimes imitates art, but damn; I mean what the fuck! Is it too much to celebrate her success thus far without throwing that other shit into the mix? What, Hollywood ain't in love with the Hattie McDaniel types unless they're playing 'Mammy', and serving white folks in movies?

My 16yr old and I had a conversation this past weekend. A conversation where she revealed to me that for a long time she has seen herself in the mirror as an "ugly black beast." Mind you, this is the very same 16yr old who has serious aspirations of becoming an actress and standing on stage holding an Oscar one day. Her mother, Mrs. RiPPa, seems to think that it is just a phase that all girls go through, but I think differently. I happen to think that her feelings have developed over time as she has been inundated by images of a "certain standard" of beauty. And obviously that's a lot for an impressionable teenager to internalize without feeling any pressure to look and feel adequate.

Ultimately, I think that what we're seeing right now with Gabourey Sidibe, speaks volumes of a larger problem or issue in our society. A problem I might add, that no amount of diet pills or exercise can change.

I'll let you figure out just what that is.


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